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Graduate Certificate Program In Data Mining at Central Michigan University.
Real-Time Online Hands-on activities for first course in statistics.
The Third Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition (USPROC2011) sponsored  CAUSE.

Welcome to SPSS on-line training workshop. This on-line workshop assumes no previous knowledge of SPSS. This online workshop is based on SPSS 16.0.

SPSS is now part of IBM. Starting Version 18, SPSS has a different name: PASW Statistics 18. PASW stands for Predictive Analytics SoftWare. The dialog interface remains the same. There are a few new features in PASW Statistics 18 including additional nonparametric tests and custom tables for categorical analysis.

SPSS Icon  How to obtain a copy of SPSS/PC software?
Before you begin, we recommend that you obtain a copy of SPSS/PC software from your institution or company, and install it in your computer, so that you will be able to work through the practice with us. If you are only browsing through the workshop material, no SPSS software is required.
What do  I need in order to play the movie clips?

In order to play the movie clips, you will need to install a video player on your computer. There are several ways to play the movie clips. You can use Microsoft Media Player, Apple QuickTime, or iTunes.

SPSS Icon  How do I start the workshop?
Clicking on the Table of Contents  will take you to the list of movie clips, or click on any of the links shown in the above table to begin your workshop. Any suggestions or comments are welcome and can be submitted by pressing the contact us button. You can contact Dr. Carl Lee or Dr. Felix Famoye directly by e-mail by clicking on their names listed in the above table.  Happy learning!!!

The development of this SPSS online training workshop is support by grants from Central Michigan University. To help us improve the presentation, your feedback is always important. Before you leave this site, please give us your suggestions and / or comments.

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