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In this Tutorial: 

Options Dialog Box

The Journal File





Options is for personalizing the SPSS program.

The changes you enter here take effect the next time you do a procedure, or the next time you open SPSS, depending on the option that is chosen.  These options remain in effect until they are changed.

Some of the options you can change include:


Editing the use of the Journal File


Output as pivot tables or text files


The appearance of your output


How variable lists are displayed


How data is formatted

The following clip goes over some of the options you can choose.  You are encouraged to experiment with the others.

camera.gif (1166 bytes) MOVIE: Options in the Edit Menu camera.gif (1166 bytes)

In this on-line workshop, you will find many movie clips. Each movie clip will demonstrate some specific usage of SPSS.

The Options Dialog Box:


Use of Journal file to create a syntax program file

The journal file keeps a log of the syntax of all procedures the user has performed in SPSS sessions.  This is beneficial if you want to see the procedures you have run, or wish to rerun a procedure.  The following movie clip demonstrate several methods of creating SPSS syntax files, which include how to use the Journal file to create a syntax file. The data used in this clip is the mathematics assessment data set.

Getting Started Clip click here to watch: Syntax Editor and Journal File

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