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Projects Using Body Fat Data


The Body Fat data set is used for various analyses in this online training workshop. They are:

Read Text data


Correlation analysis


Regression and model diagnostics


Variable selection in regression modeling

Source of Data:

Neter, Kutner, Nachtsheim, Wasserman, 1997, p. 261: Applied Statistical Models (4th Edition).

Description of Data:

The data consists of 20 females whose age are between 25 and 30 years old.
Variables in the data set are:


y = amount of body fat


x1 = triceps skinfold thickness


x2 = thigh circumference


x3 = midarm circumference

The following is the Variable View in SPSS:

Data sets for downloading: BodyFat.sav        BodyFat.dat        BodyFat.txt

Analysis of Data:

Click on the following movie clips to learn how to read a text file, conduct correlation analysis and regression analysis:

camera.gif (1225 bytes) Click here to watch Reading Text

camera.gif (1225 bytes)  Click here to watch Bivariate and Partial Correlation

camera.gif (1225 bytes) Click here to watch  Linear Regression - stats, plots

camera.gif (1225 bytes) Click here to watch Linear Regression - Variable Selection

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