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Projects Using Cancer Data


This data set is used to demonstrate t-test, Repeated Measure ANOVA, Analysis of Covariance, Nonparametric tests.

Source of Data:
Mid-Michigan Medical Center, Midland, Michigan, 1999: A  study of oral condition of cancer patients.

Description of Data:

The data set contains part of the data for a study of oral condition of cancer patients conducted at the Mid-Michigan Medical Center.  The oral conditions of the patients were measured and recorded at the initial stage, at the end of the second week, at the end of the fourth week, and at the end of the sixth week.  The variables age, initial weight and initial cancer stage of the patients were recorded.  Patients were divided into two groups at random:  One group received a placebo and the other group received aloe juice treatment.
Sample size, n = 25 patients with neck cancer. The treatment is Aloe Juice. The variables in the data set are:


ID- Patient ID


TRT- treatment group:  0 = placebo; 1 = aloe juice


AGE- patient's age in years


WEIGHTIN- patient's weight at the initial stage


STAGE- initial cancer stage, coded 1 through 4


TOTALCIN- oral condition at the initial stage


TOTALCW2- oral condition at the end of week 2


TOTALCW4- oral condition at the end of week 4


TOTALCW6- oral condition at the end of week 6

NOTE:  The variables TOTALCIN, TOTALCW2, TOTALCW4, and TOTALCW6 are the dependent variables, constituting repeated measures over time.  The variables AGE, WEIGHTIN and STAGE are considered covariates in this study. The variable TRT is a between-subject factor in the study.

The following is the SPSS Variable View:

Data available for download: cancer.sav       cancer.xls

Analysis of Data:

Click on the following clips to learn how to conduct t-test, Repeated measure analysis, nonparametric data analysis using the cancer data:

click here to watch T-Test procedures

click here to watch GLM: Repeated Measures

click here to watch Nonparametric Runs and 1-Sample K-S tests

click here to watch Nonparametric related samples

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