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Projects Using Cars Data


This data set is used to demonstrate the overview of SPSS. This data can be used for other analysis, for example, regression analysis to model the mileage per hour.

Source of Data:
This data is an SPSS Sample Data, which is located in the SPSS Samples Data folder and it is installed with SPSS software. In some machines, the data may be located in the folder "C:\Program Files\SPSSInc\SPSS16\Samples".

Description of Data:


mpg:      Miles per gallon


engine:  Engine size


horse:     Horse power


weight:  Car weight in lbs


accel:    Time needed to accelerate to 60 miles per hour (in second)


year:     The year when the car was made


Origin:   Country of origin (1: America, 2: European, 3: Japanese


cylinder: Number of cylinders


filter_$:  An SPSS generated variable for identifying how the data are filtered. 0: Not selected, 1: Selected. This was accomplished by going to the Data Menu, Select Cases, then, provide a condition for case selection.

The following is the SPSS Variable View:

Data available for download: car.sav

Analysis of Data:

Click on the following clips to learn about the overview of SPSS using the Cars data:

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