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Projects using Fabric Data


The fabric data set is used for various analyses in this online training workshop. They are:

R Programmability Extension in SPSS


Generalized Linear Model

Source of Data:

Hinde, J. (1982). Compound Poisson regression models. GLIM 82: Proceedings of the International Conference on Generalised Linear Models (R. Gilchrist ed.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 109-121.

Description of Data:

The data set is on the number of faults in rolls of fabric. The variables are:


length: Length of Fabric


faults: Number of faults in a roll of fabric


log_length: The logarithm of the length of the roll

The following is the Variable View in SPSS:

Data sets for downloading: Fabric.sav      

Analysis of Data:

Click on the following movie clips to learn how to use R programmability extension in SPSS and run Generalized Linear Model procedure:

camera.gif (1225 bytes) Click here to watch Programmability Extension-Using R inside SPSS

camera.gif (1225 bytes)  Click here to watch Generalized Linear Model

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