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The technology survey data set is used for various analyses in this online training workshop. They are:

Descriptive statistics


Log Linear Modeling




Data Reduction


Scale Reliability Analysis

Source of Data:

CMU Teaching, Learning & Technology

Description of Data:

The CMU technology survey was conducted to find out the current situation of using technology for instruction by faculty. Many issues are addressed in the survey, including the use of technology, the awareness of CMU technology availability, the participation in workshop, development of web site and its purposes, the difficulty faced when using technology, the priority issues and policy issues, and so on. The data used for this demonstration project is a small part of the whole data set.

Variables in the data set are:


Q2: Faculty Rank Classification.


Q5: How often do you use your office computer.


Q10: How often you use your home computer for university related activities.


Q26: Do you use information technology in class instruction.


Q31_A1 to Q31_A12 and A31_B1 to Q31_B4: These are questions about the level of difficulty faced when using information technology in class.

The following is the Variable View in SPSS:

Data sets for downloading: Tech Surveys.sav     Tech Survey.xls     

Analysis of Data:

Click on the following movie clips to learn how to Perform statistical procedure, Cross Tabulation , Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Loglinear Model analysis:

camera.gif (1225 bytes)Click here to watch Introduction Statistical Procedures in SPSS

camera.gif (1225 bytes)Click here to watch Cross Tabulation Procedures

camera.gif (1225 bytes)Click here to watch Cluster Analysis

camera.gif (1225 bytes)Click here to watch Factor Analysis

camera.gif (1225 bytes) Click here to watch General Loglinear Models

camera.gif (1225 bytes) Click here to watch Reliability Movie


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