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Projects and Descriptions of Data Sets

The following are the project and data sets used in this SPSS online training workshop.
Click on the data Description link for the description of the data set, and Data Download link to download data

Projects & Data Description Data Download
Airline Passengers Data Airline Pasengers.sav
 Body Fat Data  BodyFat.sav || BodyFat.dat || BodyFat.txt
 Cancer Data  Cancer.sav || Cancer.xls
Cars Data Cars.sav
Disease Data Disease.sav || Disease.dat  || Disease.txt
Dye Cloth Data  Dye Cloth.sav 
Exam Data Exam.sav 
Fabric Data Fabric.sav
Food Company Data Food Company.sav
Gasoline Data Gasoline.sav
Loan Data Loan.sav
Lung Cancer Data  Lung Cancer.sav || Lung Cancer.xls 
Math Assessment Data  Math Assessment.dav || Math Assesment.xls 
New Drug Data New Drug.sav || New Drug.xls
Orange Juice Data Orange Juice.dav
Plastics Data Plastics.sav || Plastics.xls
Rat Tumor Data Rat Tumor.sav
Ring Diameter Data Ring Diameter.sav
Ring Diameter Data (case as subgroup) Ring Diameter (Subgroup).sav
Supermarket Data Super Market.dav || Super Market.xls 
Tech Survey Data  Tech Survey.dav || Tech Survey.xls
Time Series Data Time Series.sav  ||  Times Series.xls
Try1 ,Try2,Try3 Try2.sav  || Try2.xls

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This online SPSS Training Workshop is developed by Dr Carl Lee, Dr Felix Famoye , student assistants Barbara Shelden and Albert Brown , Department of Mathematics, Central Michigan  University. All rights reserved.